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W.A.A.S. is a studio collective + leading gallery housed in one of Dallas’ oldest buildings. This preserved space has intentionally evolved over the years to provide space for exemplary artists who create to communicate social and environmental needs, connect their communities with global perspectives, and lead the conversation in healing and health. Curated through the lens of transformation, W.A.A.S is furthering its identity as Women Are All Stars: a home to healing women artists redefining their identities, collectively growing from past experiences, and learning how to create a sustainable lifestyle as a working artist. The gallery is widely known for curating creative & immersive experiences, along with designing private & corporate art collections.

For the past seven years W.A.A.S. has continued to grow as a national brand known for hosting world-renown artists actively creating progress, from L.A. to Dallas. Now, the gallery is advancing the conversation from the heart of the art to include the artist, as it houses women who view their own lives as an art form and are dedicated to co-collaborating in caring for the community. W.A.A.S. believes in creating safe spaces and empowering curriculums to support artists’ emotional, mental & physical health as they define their impact on others through the impact they first have on themselves.

Founded in 2011 by Brandy Michele Adams, the vision of WAAS is to provide opportunities for female energy to flourish in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Whether it is through co-creation in the space via art, participating in our multitude of wellness classes, or bridging cultural gaps and bringing awareness to gender norms via communication, at WAAS women have a space where they can share and collectively grow.





As Mama Star of WAAS

Brandy Michele Adams wears several crowns as a producer, curator, and creative director. From producing shows and exhibits to curating art galleries, Adams has designed an intentional space where female artists can thrive. A deep, family history of material development and construction, Brandy crafted a creative career through her own multi-medium portfolio and a well-established career in the fine art and creative industries. Brandy’s career has defined her as a leading art dealer and educator for female creatives.

With a fearless approach to her works, she unleashes transformative experiences that re-energizes the contemporary art world-at-large. Imagining new realms is natural for her because she melds art with technology, offering vital work that is futuristic and enviro-aware. Her projects brighten the city, striking and illuminating all who steps into her microcosm.

Brandy’s intention and focus in the art world has led to her understanding of the importance of integrating creative mediums to design impactful conversations and actions. Emphasizing the need for awareness of wellness in the arts has brought Brandy to become a leading activist for women’s empowerment and environmental change.

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