WAAS is Healing. Welcome to a space where you can simply be you. At WAAS we want to meet your where you are at when you come through our doors. Whether it is a place to explore, tap into your creativity, play with movement, or balance our energies Waas is for you. We offer a variety of classes, programs, and workshops suited for all levels that are centered around body connection and tapping into a well life. Our space is not just for those who are artistically inclined, we believe that living a well life is a true work of art and that the two cannot be separated. Tap into the power within and make WAAS your wellness home.

For the month of june

Tuesday Fundamentals class 10-11:15

A class suited to all levels that taps into the tradition of our yoga practice for modern living. From breaking down postures and the anatomy of our asanas, to using traditional methods that benefit us in our modern world via breathing exercises, meditation, chanting, and more.  

Thursday Gentle class: 12-1:15

In our fast paced society there is less focus on slowing down and the benefits that we reap when we do so. Our gentle class focuses on creating a relaxing environment to reduce our stress of the day via slowing down our body movements and connecting to our natural rhythms.

Invest in yourself,  all classes are $15 drop in rate.

For the Month of April Classes are donation based. 
Stay tuned for more classes, events, and workshops coming soon to our space. 

We have 12 setups but feel free to bring your own!