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tough talks

Inspired by TedTalks, Brandy Michele Adams Founder of WAAS creates and builds the lecture series, ToughTalks, to help women express difficult topics in a safe and supportive environment. We are experiencing an age of acceleration, a rise of the divine feminine and all of her attributes. We are at a turning point in society, and in order to become enlightened, we have to shine a light in the darker shadows of our experience.



art of wellbeing

The Art of Well Being is a specific workshop series at WAAS. Artists, collectives, and leading teachers with a global-range of perspectives, mediums, and practices, share their individual experiences and wealth of knowledges with the rest of the community in a workshop setting.

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Looking for a place to be free when it comes to investing in yoga? WAAS is currently open to teachers and educators.

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As art is a constant practice for the artist, wellness is a constant exercise for the individual. WAAS encourages workshops geared towards women's empowerment and healing ie yoga, panel discussions, artist in the community willing to share and building other women’s education to collaborate and not compete.

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