Brandy Michele Adams


Gallery Founder and Director

Michelle Laxamana


Assistant Gallery Director

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Bree JennerJahn


Yoga Instructor

Through her own personal journey with injuries and physical trauma, Bree began her relationship with a new idea on what wellness meant. She did this by pursuing her 200 and eventually 300 hour yoga teacher training. Using traditional philosophies and teachings, her goal is to apply them to our modern living and find a much needed balance to our daily lives. Bree’s biggest focus is on creating balance and ease within our bodies by slowing down movements, taking full deep breaths via pranayam, and tuning into the importance of anatomy to align ourselves. Outside of yoga Bree also recognizes the importance of a well body and its benefits for a creative mind. Our body as a whole is our creative tool whether we are painting, snapping photographs, or finding other ways to express ourselves in the art realm.

Anna Hummer


Wellness Workshop Teacher