Because we wanted something that was deeper and more human than a gallery + a studio, we have coordinated workshops, exhibits, pop-ups and events to inspire, nourish, and inspire. Note that workshops require registration.



october 5th


Beeps, buzzes, and pings make up the soundtrack to our modern lives. With all of this digital noise, it can be difficult to listen to our inner voice and find peace in the silence. Through guided meditation and storytelling through music, Brandy Michele Adams invites you to WAAS Gallery a sacred space where you can unplug from the outside.

We all need to disconnect in order to connect.

Our doors will open at 8:30pm. Guests are encouraged to arrive with enough time to detox from the outside world beforehand. The experience will promptly start at 9pm.



october 12th

Release Your Voice Closing Day

This is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience that takes you through the lens of Future Eyes (kaleidoscopes)— to witness the transformation of what multidimensional women are + the identity of SHE.

Join us for our final day from Noon - 4pm.


coming soon


Holiday Pop Up

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