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At WAAS Gallery, An Oasis for Female Energy and Growth

“Enter WAAS (Women Are All Stars) Gallery. Located outside of the spaces in the Design District, this Logan Street building is marked with a vibrant tasseled marker atop the gallery signage, along with eye-catching murals that indicate you’ve reached your location. The stark contrast of this building with its neighboring South Dallas businesses is also telling of WAAS Gallery itself in the Dallas art scene — this place is doing things a little differently.”

Dallas Magazine :

D Magazine: Step Into Shamsy’s Cocoon at WAAS Gallery

“Shamsy Roomiani has the sunny disposition you’d expect from someone who works primarily with plants. The Dallas-based artist is interested in growth, transformation, and creating pieces that have a healing effect on their viewers. With her latest collection of works, Shamsy has made a miniature sanctuary in South Dallas’ WAAS Gallery. The show, Green Room, and its “Cocoon” installation invite people to step away from the bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in a moment of botanical serenity.”

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