6:30 PM18:30

Pussy Power House presents On My Period


It’s that time of the month y’all! We had a blast last November at WAAS Gallery and now our (diva) cup overflows with joy to present you with our next Dallas, TX event: ON MY PERIOD

Why continue to hide your tampons and stained panties in shame when you could be celebrating the magic of menstruation with others?! If 50% of the human population has a moon cycle and it’s a completely healthy and natural part of life, how in the hell did they get us believing it was gross, smelly, unclean and embarrassing for all this time?? In celebration of our glorious monthly cycles, we invite you to join us in painting the town red by coming dressed in all red outfits to honor The Flow!

This womb healing event is open to all ages and invites anyone who has ever had a menstrual period (or for young people, who will have one soon!), regardless of their current gender identity or sexual orientation.

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7:30 PM19:30

Nature of Reality - Collage Workshop and Artist Lecture

Nature of Reality is an experiential art-making experience which attempts to ground and focus our inner selves through art and organic natural material.

Join us for an illustrated lecture about a work of contemporary sculpture by internationally-renowned mixed-media artist Doris Salcedo. The lecture will explore the way Salcedo’s sculptural installation titled Plegaria Muda (2009) uses earth-matter to express the concept of death and memory. The lecture will be followed by a collage art-making experience using recycled materials and inspired by Salcedo’s Plegaria Muda.

This two hour workshop will be taught by Liz Lopez. Liz is a digital artist and contemporary art historian whose work and research uncovers facets of the global human consciousness and identity. Join us for a nurturing night among fellow creatives in the DFW area to discuss mindfulness, art, our natural environment and the need for a substantial future.

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8:30 PM20:30


Beeps, buzzes, and pings make up the soundtrack to our modern lives. With all of this digital noise, it can be difficult to listen to our inner voice and find peace in the silence. Through guided meditation and storytelling through music, WAAS Gallery invites you to a sacred space where you can unplug from the outside. We all need to disconnect in order to connect.

Our doors will open at 8:00pm. Guests are encouraged to arrive with enough time to detox from the outside world beforehand. The experience will promptly start at 8:30pm.

** Bring your own mat or pillows as in-house supplies are limited! **


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12:30 PM12:30

Sustain Yourself Wellness Workshop

In yoga and wellness, we find more bodily awareness as well as a deeper connection to ourselves. With zero waste and eliminating toxins, we then become aware of and connected to our own environment.

Join us at WAAS GALLERY for this amazing opportunity to.

In the first half of our workshop, Anna Hummer will touch on the subjects of the persistent man-made chemicals that exist in our environment, why they are hazardous to our health, how to avoid them, and how to find or make plant-based replacements for home cleaning and personal care products.

In the second half of our workshop join Bree Jennerjahn who will give you the tools and information on how we can sustain our energies and create a stress-free environment for ourselves. Working through a variety of breathing exercises and meditation techniques that will become your tool kit for a clear mindset. We will wrap up with a relaxing final meditation leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

By the end of the workshop you will walk away with a greater understanding of how your body interacts with your environment, a list of the top toxins to avoid, recipes for DIY replacements, yoga-inspired techniques to help relax or recharge you in your day to day, and a homemade cleaning concentrate you will create in our space to get you started in the cleaning of your home with the power of plants.

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Cycles / Aurora
7:00 PM19:00

Cycles / Aurora

Founded by artist Brandy Michele Adams, WAAS Gallery is hosting ‘CYCLES,’ a presentation of six artists with three pieces of work selected by Adams: En-Compass, Infusoria and Showgirl Video.

En-Compass is an immersive installation of sound and light inspired by transformation, with a special-event performance inside hosted and performed by Adams and avant-garde musician Lily Taylor with lighting design by artist Edward Ruiz. Infusoria is an audio-visual installation by Megan Arzaga, Brett Bolton and Benton Corder in which users participate in the growth rate and evolution of generative organisms. Showgirl Video, also by Bolton and Corder, is a real-time audio-visual performance that showcases the truly unpredictable and beautifully flawed nature of electronic live performance. The piece explores the organic textures and features of the natural world in digital forms.

'CYCLES' is part of the week-long program of AURORA 2018. Both immersive and engaging, the main AURORA event is an expansive art event that transforms downtown Dallas into an open-air, urban playground of new media art with installations on an unprecedented scale and will take place on November 3rd from 7pm to 2am. Featuring work by both local and international artists, visitors have the opportunity to see a familiar urban environment transformed into an interactive site for some of the world’s most innovative contemporary art.

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