about the show

This is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience that takes you through the lens of Future Eyes (kaleidoscopes)— to witness the transformation of what multidimensional women are + the identity of SHE.

Release Your Voice is a connection of women in contemporary art with an honest conversation of what we want. How would women thrive if they were equally paid? What would the art world be if more women were in private collections? How would women sustain if they were not restricted from using their voices to get what they want? This exhibition will explore artist voices offering their insight, as you look through the lens of Future Eyes to witness the transformation, what multidimensional women are, and the identity of she through artistic mediums and performance. Adams asks you to look within your own inner landscape and conditioning as you immerse yourself into worlds we want to become.

"When women support each other, it is electric and a shift happens” Brandy Michele Adams recently founded an art collective exclusively for women, Women Are All Stars. “We decided that we wanted it to be a female collective because, as women, we are well aware that there’s more representation of male artists in galleries with only 5% of women in actual art collections” Adams explains.

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exhibiting artists

Photo Credit : Shamsy- Exploredinary, Lori Menna - Nik West, Meagan Boyd - TripleFloral

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