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Nature in Reality

Join us for a brief illustrated lecture and eco-friendly artmaking workshop to help us explore the fundamental nature of our reality among other humans through sparkling conversations around philosophy and art.

This workshop will help you to think abstractly about links between the earth around you and your physical and mental body. In an era dictated by our capitalistic consumer needs, the natural organic world around us is rapidly evolving and decaying because of our inability to learn how to co-exist substantially with one another. As a way to attempt to remediate the error in our materialistic needs Nature of Reality is an experiential art-making experience which attempts to ground and focus our inner selves through art and organic natural material.

This two hour workshop will be taught by Liz Lopez. Liz is a digital artist and contemporary art historian whose work and research uncovers facets of the global human consciousness and identity. In her presentation, Liz will present a brief retrospective of the ways in which art has been used for meditative purposes in different eras of our human history and in different geographical locations.

Earlier Event: July 12
Later Event: July 31
End of Shamsy's Exhibition