Inspired by TedTalks, Brandy Michele Adams Founder of WAAS creates and builds the lecture series, ToughTalks, to help women express difficult topics in a safe and supportive environment. We are experiencing an age of acceleration, a rise of the divine feminine and all of her attributes. We are at a turning point in society, and in order to become enlightened, we have to shine a light in the darker shadows of our experiences. Adams has invited Cicely Rue, Founder of The Shit Podcast to join this year's efforts to tackle many topics that hold us as women.

The intention of this workshop is to discuss tough topics, how they affect us, how they manifest themselves as emotions, and finally, to develop tools for emotional agility and immunity to drama and societal expectations.

TOPIC: Self Love
*NOTE: ToughTalks are a safe space for Women.

We will consider some of the following questions:
Why is it so hard to make time for ME?
How do I schedule self-care into my busy life?
How did my parents practice self-care / did that work for them?
Do I emulate their patterns? Is that working for me?
Why isn’t self-care on my daily calendar?
What is the relationship between mental health and self-care patterns throughout my life?
How do I see myself?
How often do I undervalue fresh food and rest?
Am I in denial about the definition of good health and how I incorporate it into my life?
Is self-care is too expensive?

Learn about some basic routines to help support your primary concerns for short and long term health and happiness. When we learn to love and care for ourselves, we bring our best selves and see the best in everyone.

WORKSHOP: 8:00 – 8:30 PM
WRAP: 9:00 PM

COST: $5 to $10 suggested donation