NEXT LEVEL is curated by Corinne Loperfido pairing Wearable Artists with Performance Artists together to create new avant garde experiences. Brandy Michele Adams is co curating and exhibiting art work by Phallon Wright. 

Wearable artists will be setting up pop up shops of their goods for you to peruse and purchase. Performance artists will each be collaborating with one of the wearable artists and bringing their work to life through dance, live music, and movement. There will be 2 Performance shows: (same show twice) 8pm & 9:30pm

Guests are encouraged to dress up in things that they have made / modified or things made by artists! The intention of this event is to celebrate personal style and conceptual fashion as an art form and to create community around self expression. In a world that wants us to conform and by "normal" we are standing up for our individuality and encouraging each other to embrace our uniqueness as creative beings. By supporting independent designers and local handmade goods, we are also diverting our money from major corporations and the fast fashion industry and putting it into the hands of artists who make things with a soul. 

Corinne Loperfido : Corinne Loperfido
Neon Zinn : Neon Zinn
Bre Bitz + Bobby Dangerously : Bre Bitz + Bobby Cooper
The Color Condition : The Color Condition
BioGlitz : BioGlitz + Brandy Michele Adams

Tha Mystics : Tha Mystics
Bobby + Bre : Bre Bitz + Bobby Cooper
TreighMannequin : Traiman Dawson
Jordan Jones : 

> Photo Booth Installation : Leone Julitte 
> We are currently looking for some local painters and illustrators that might want to come do live painting on clothing at the event. Email if you are interested :)

::: DETAILS :::
Saturday // November 17
$10-20 sliding scale // 7-11pm
WAAS Gallery