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WAAS is home to multiple mediums of expression from art exhibits, installations, and public art to performance that encompasses music, dance, and more. Over the last 7 years, WAAS has worked with the leading voices in the contemporary art world as well as emerging artists and creatives to foster an environment of growth and experimentation to present to the community at large. WAAS is currently looking for partnerships and collaborators for exhibitions. View exhibited artists here >


WAAS believes collaboration is key when it comes to education, building, and empowering. At WAAS Performance is a way of life. It is an art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance. Traditional concerts, as well as exploring sound as art, and contemporary dance are just some of the events showcased at WAAS. WAAS is currently looking for partnerships and collaborators for performance and other forms of public art. Public Art is to enrich the community and improve our quality of life through its ability to enrich an environment, but also to ignite the imagination, encourage thought and to prompt discourse. Installation - is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that often are site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space.