Celebrating life as art, WAAS is a space and organization that helps artists transcend cultural norms and stigmas as they redefine the image of their identity and practice. WAAS cultivates evolution within the creative community in an effort to bridge cultural gaps through communication and awareness. It also strategically empowers creatives to redefine gender norms through education, exhibits, and events.


meet the founder

Brandy Michele Adams, also known as Mama Star, established WAAS gallery in 2011. After beginning her career as a celebrity hair and makeup artist in LA, she started curating galleries. Now, she manages socially-active artists across the country. WAAS shifts paradigms. The space produces work that re-imagines and prioritizes women’s empowerment. Adams shifted the gallery’s focus to well-being in art after sustaining injuries in 2015. Art and wellness, when practiced together, liberate society. WAAS nourishes Dallas artists because it cultivates a vortex of innovative talent and ideas into projects that are accessible to a wide range of communities.