The Art of Wellbeing is the way in which WAAS grows with the community. Along with the all-women artist collective, leading teachers from a global-range of perspectives, mediums, and practices, share their individual experiences and wealth of knowledge with the rest of the community.

    Since its initial revitalization, Founder Brandy Michele Adams has been intentional in establishing the space on Logan Street as a place of teaching and healing for the Art of Wellbeing: from pink quartz crystals being poured into the concrete of the building floors, to hosting Master Teachers from across the world in meditations.

    Co-Curated with Kirsten Burch, Founder of Prani Consulting and Owner of Living Yoga Dallas, this programming is a creative curriculum that grows from creating community through learning from each other. The expanding programming empowers individual leaders and teachers to share the knowledge gained from the critical stories they have lived in order to unites individuals with personal change and collective healing. With established year-long series and a growing variety of workshops promoting integrated and unique approaches to the appreciation and creativity of self-sustainability, the Art of Wellbeing is an-ever growing curriculum that encourages its fellow community members to propose new experiences and education.