NRG Recording Studios
1128 Weddington St. 
North Hollywood, CA 91601

WAAS meets West Coat legendary recording studio NRG. The vibrations of sound bring the need and want of a non-traditional gallery space. It allows an openness and ingenuous to artists and buyers alike allowing the to flow and create like coffee beans sniffed to release fragrance and change of perspective from the patriarchal world. Jay Baumgardner has allowed a feminine concept to thrive. Cosmic meets tradition, where the inner Goddess in female artists can grow, and supports one’s need to connect, manifest, and express. 

At no other time in history has the almighty spirit of Girl Power been so alive and free. The question that comes to mind in the midst of the continued sexual revolution ; “Why is it so hard to get up?” It has long been said that comparison is the thief of joy, yet as women we are constantly compared to each other, our male counterparts and an invisible cannon set into place by an outdated and misinformed American ideology.

Exhibiting artists, Patricia Rodriguez, Sarah Sandin, Karla Camarena, Lisa DiLillio, Samantha McCurdy, Sarah Farah, Erika Jaeggli and Ellen Soderquist join together in a presentation of their works. As a group they knock down the barrier of “why,” and “no,” and carry the attitude of, “because I can.” Each woman aims to the the best version and artist of themselves, for themselves while hoping to encourage others to approach life with courage and a little bit of sass. 

NRG Recording Studios and WAAS Gallery proudly present:

Why Is It So Hard To Get Up?, opening Saturday June 27, 2015, 7–11 pm.