b. Richardson, Texas


Born in Richardson, Texas, Taylor Ellis developed an early aversion to sitting still. “I think I’ve always been drawing or making something,” he says. “I liked scotch tape because I could fix things onto other things. I liked brads because I would make robots with moving arms and legs. Our moms just gave us scissors and colors and paper to get us to sit still for five minutes.” As he got older, Taylor began making his own comic books, becoming more serious about his sketches through high school. It was then that he discovered anime, becoming entranced with the shiny colours and more geometric style of it. “Who needed reality when there was pink hair?” Taylor says. A few years later, Taylor got a job at a large format print shop, where he taught himself how to make cartoons with Illustrator. Slowly working his way into freelance work, Taylor found himself wanting to make his own Tarot cards, to continue with his comics, and simply to draw without the fear of how much money he could make from it.