A solo exhibition of works by Ellen Soderquist

June 12–July 12, 2014

Ellen Soderquist has exhibited her drawings of the nude and taught life drawing in Dallas since 1979. She creates intelligent and sensuous graphite drawings of the nude body and is an advocate for the nude in contemporary art.

This solo exhibit of over 50 works of art represents the most significant collection of her work since 2002 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and a chronic autoimmune condition. After twelve years of ups and downs, she is again able to consider herself a working artist.

Shadow Play, the title series in the exhibit, explores the narrative interplay between the nude and shadows. In turn, shadows speak to the figure or the figure may address the shadow. For example, in Jump!, it is the shadow that commands the male nude to leap into its arms; and in Don’t Push!, the
female nude is alarmed by the shadows that are crowding her.

The exhibit includes other shadow related series: Rapt Shadows, Shadow Myths, and Vanitas; as well as 4 large graphite drawings of figures that are leaping, falling and flying. The majority of the works are graphite drawings on paper or mylar; but there are also encaustics and digital prints.