Put Women On Top

WAAS makes so much more than pretty pictures (though we love those, too). We create change. Our mission is to disrupt the status-quo by primarily promoting the talent, drive, skills, and ambitions of female and non-binary artists. We specialize in design that explores the beauty and complexity of our world, across a limitless number of media. 


Creative Direction & Programming

Looking to host an event? Or maybe you're looking for a new ways to promote your company. Whatever it is, we got you. Our collective specializes in creative programming across a variety or media and outlets. We strategize through conscious design, visual harmony, and—best of all—play! 

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 19.46.22.png

Our specialties:

  • Murals (Digital + Traditional)
  • Photography
  • 2D + 3D Installations
  • Photography
  • Curating
  • Performances
  • Interactive Art
  • Experiences in Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Video Light-Mapping

Art Commissions & Residency

We'll make stuff for you, basically any kind of stuff. You might want some stuff because of how boring your office looks, or how your restaurant makes people want to fall asleep. You don't want people to fall asleep at your restaurant, that would suck. We'll paint a wall for you. Are you having an event but don'tt know how to bring engagement to the next level? Hire us, we'll make a cool interactive installation. Is your office falling apart into a puddle of sameness and boringness? 


We bring wellness to you.

Our newest service, brings art and wellness to your office...We offer creative direction, programming, art commissions, production, and art residencies across a variety of media. Not only that, but we can also bring the WAAS experience to you via creative talks, art workshops and wellness sessions.