Bachelor of Fine Arts,
University of North Texas

Honors and Awards:

2012 FD Luxe The New Creative Class: 13 people to watch
2012 Selected TEDxSMU artist: Two Hydrogen One Oxygen 
2012 Featured Artist, Water-Thirst Organization
2010 Photo District News: The Shot Photography, Contest winner
2010 Dallas Morning News 125th Anniversary, Grand Prize Winner
2010 Dallas Portfolio Exchange, Selected Artist

Recent Exhibitions

Insular & Universal
Baang + Burne Contemporary 
New York & Texas

Art Miami | Context, Miami Florida 

Untitled 1-4 
Illume Gallery
Dallas Texas.


Two Hydrogen One Oxygen
Dallas City Performance Hall 
Dallas Texas      

By Product
ABM Gallery
Dallas Texas

Stump Speeches
The Cohn Drennan Contemporary
Dallas Texas

The Goss-Michael Foundation 
Dallas Texas  

Goods & Services
WAAS Gallery
Dallas Texas 

Spare Parts
The Belmont
Dallas, Texas      

Cedars Open Studios
204 Gallery
Dallas, Texas

Upstart Productions
American Beauty Mill
Dallas, Texas

Dallas Heritage Village
Dallas, Texas

Dallas Portfolio Exchange
The Magnolia
Dallas, Texas

Fort Worth Ave Project
Haley Henman Gallery
Dallas, Texas

Dallas Fashion and Art
4 Dog Gallery
Dallas, Texas

110 degrees
Tractorbeam Gallery
Dallas, Texas

American Beauty Mill
Dallas, Texas

Cedars Open Studio 
204 Gallery
Dallas, Texas

2008 Corinth
Dallas, Texas 

Blue Polipo
Paul Schafer Gallery
Dallas, Texas

Art of Guapo
Manny Rodriguez Gallery
Dallas, Texas

4 Dog Gallery
Dallas, Texas


As a growing leader in Dallas’ arts community, Joshua King unveils his first solo art exhibition at the progressive & modern site, the WAAS Gallery. King’s most recent accomplishment was as co-creator of the annual event, AURORA, that brings more than ten thousand people into the downtown Dallas Arts District. Annually, you will find Joshua King participating in the South Dallas main event, Cedars Open Studios Tour.

Selected Publications, Baang and Burne Presents Harpoon: Insular and Universal. by Lizzy Zimmer; New York, November 6th 2014.

Dallas Culture Map, Joshua King takes on NYC with ambitious two city show, by Kendall Morgan; Nov. 5th 2014

Patron Magazine: Secret Agent Man and Women, by Terri Provencal; October/November 2014.  (pg 52)

Creem Magazine: Joshua King, But is it Art. by Charlie Grosso; January/ February 2013. 10th Issue  (pg 18)

FD Luxe: 2013 to Watch, The new creative class. by Christopher Wynn.  December/ January  2012  (pg 86)

Dallas Culture Map, Take a Glimpse. October 17th 2012

125th Anniversary Dallas Morning News, Metro Section.
October 15th 2010 (pg 1)

“Art & Seek” Aurora article by Gale Sachson, November 2010

The Shot: Photo District News, Top prizewinner “In the Sky”
February 2011 (pg 58)

The Rise Project, Modern Dallas dot net, article,
November 2009 (pg 13)

Curator and Organizer

2013 Aurora, The Light of Convergence, Dallas Arts District, 95 Artists
2012 Glimpse, The Art of Light and Sound, Dallas Arts District, 19 Artists    
2011 Aurora, The Art of Light and Sound, The Dallas Arts District, 97 Artists
2010 Aurora, The Art of Light and Sound, Dallas Heritage Village, 40 Artists
2010 Cedars Open Studios, ABM Group show, Dallas, Texas, 22 Artists
2010 Upstart Productions Charity Fundraiser, American Beauty Mill Gallery, 4 Artists
2009 Dallas Fashion and Art, 4 Dog Gallery, 30 Artists
2009 2nd Thursday, Co-founder

Charities & Foundations

2012 Water Thirst Today
2012 Dallas Children's Advocacy Center
2011 Water Thirst Today
2011 Upstart Productions
2010 Art the Rescue 
2009 Art the Rescue