b. Mexico, 1983


Jonathan Ramirez brings a new perspective to the art scene of Dallas. Jonathan’s dark creations are anything but conventional, and therefore, are looked upon with great interest. Creating since the young age of sixteen, Ramirez has a large body of work, each piece slightly more unsettling than the last. “I feel a need to create something dark, creepy, and completely different from anybody else around me,” says Jonathan. And he certainly accomplishes this task.

His work conveys a dismal tactility that is fairly absent in the world of modern art. He does not work with a physical brush, but creates and illustrates digitally. “I feel like everybody is trying to be a Salvador Dali or a Picasso these days, and I just want to bring something different to Dallas, and to the world,” says Jonathan.

Exhibiting for the past two years, his work has been displayed in many cities in the States, as well as overseas. Very emotive, his pieces are nothing of a light air, but rather, they hold a mirror to your emotions, forcing you an introspective look at yourself, and at the world. With the new year, Jonathan is working and experimenting with a broad variety of new media.