WAAS Gallery proudly invites you to of Infinite Sadness, an exhibition by Jonathan Ramirez.

The work will be on display for only one week, from April 18 to April 25.

Ramirez addresses the natural realities of life, death and the decaying process of the human form in relation to the earth. Photography, painting and sculpture combined with found organic matter illustrate Jonathan's journey of experimentation, search for inspiration, and integrity to his work.

Jonathan Ramirez explores the process of death in both the human body and spirit. His work approaches the concept of human existence; the idea that our human forms come from the earth and return at death. He suggests that life and death exist simultaneously, and that neither is to be more feared or celebrated that the other.

Jonathan suggests that human identity found solely in the physical bodies humans posses and material items used as social markers, run the risk of being rubbed out and dusted away. He suggests that the human identity is found in the spirit and memories of the being, that they persist after death and decay.