One building, a whole lot of history.

Our multi-level building once housed Blue Diamond Supply: the first building material supply company in Dallas. In 2010 it became part of WAAS and a small group of determined friends spent a year renovating it.


Intent on creating a space of consciousness and serenity WAAS founder, Brandy Michele Adams, placed quartz and rose quartz in the concrete floors, along with amethyst in the flooring under the stairs. The Dallas School of Metaphysics also meditated on the ground floor for 20 hours and 12 minutes straight during 2012, all to create a space with intention and will to become.


If you need a place to make your own for a photoshoot, workshop or event, then look no further! Our space is available for rent throughout the year. Host parties, pop-ups, professional meetings, or anything, really. For more information, fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page or shoot us an email: brandy@waasgallery.com.


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