Be the hostess with mimosas. Or... whatever.

If you need a place to make your own for a photoshoot, workshop or event, then look no further! Our space is available for rent throughout the year. Host parties, pop-ups, professional meetings, or anything, really. For more information, shoot us an email.

  • Renters decide which areas they would like to rent, based on our floor plan. The top floor, downstairs studio space, and outside areas are available. Different areas incur different costs.


  • Outdoor rental requires a $250 Special Events permit from the city.


  • Sliding scale costs for rentals. Smaller organizations pay less than larger corporations.


  • Included in the rental price are maintenance fees, which cover clean-up costs and payment of at least one WAAS employee to be present during the event.  


  • Renters can take the space as it is, with bare walls, or we can curate the art on the walls for an additional fee.

    • As-is: If there is art on the walls, it stays on the walls. Insurance fee included in the rental to cover potential damages.

    • Bare walls: Art removal fee is included in the rent cost.

    • Curated: This includes curation fees, installation fees, removal fees. Clients will be required to secure their own shipping methods, though WAAS can provide up to two quotes.


  • Rentals examples: Women’s Texas Film Fest hosted a party at WAAS, corporate parties, art boutiques, pop-up shops, corporate headshots and video (per hour and per room rentals).



One building, a whole lot of history.

About the building.... 

  • W.A.A.S. purchased the 1929 multi-level building in 2010. This once housed the first building material supply company (Blue Diamond Supply) and was an unconfirmed First Bank before the market crash of 1929.


  • It took a year to renovate this building, and Brandy—along with a group of friends—did the bulk of the renovations themselves. She intentionally placed rose quartz and quartz crystals in the concrete floors, along with amethyst in the flooring under the stairs.


  • The Dallas School of Metaphysics meditated on the ground floor for 20 hours and 12 minutes straight during 2012. All of these actions were realized so the building has “intention and will to become.”


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