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christian millet 1
christian millet 1

By Sarah Milks
Photography by Andy Rolfes

Here at WAAS Gallery, we are honored to be displaying Peruvian visual artist Christian Millet’s latest series, “Ayahuasca.” These artworks take us on Millet’s personal journey of finding himself through his visual story of a three-day exploration to his native country in Peru. WAAS is all about personal expression and sharing other’s journeys as we are on our own, and we are encouraged to see Christian’s story played out visually here in the gallery. Christian’s pieces invite viewers to share in his dichotomy: the love/hate relationship he shares with his reflection in the mirror.

This life is full of ups and downs, planned out experiences and unexpected twists and turns, and we are all left to make something of that. We cannot always control the things that happen to us or the things that we experience, but can choose whether these things will make us or break us. Millet’s work introduces viewers to experience his own personal fears as well as his search for purpose and meaning. He contrasts darkness and light found in culture in in his own life, and hopes to encourage viewers to look into themselves to see what they find. His pieces are vulnerable and raw, and we feel honored at WAAS to stand next to him, giving him another platform to share his heart through his work.

Taking us even deeper, beyond just a visual journey, some of the pieces have a poem to go alongside. This added element is like a hidden gem to the collection and hearing the tone in his writing, helps to further explain Christian’s thought process behind each piece.

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