Artist Spotlight: Patricia Rodriguez

patricia Like the seasons change, as do exhibitions at art galleries. Out with the old and in with the new? Not exactly. More like uninstall/take-down and re-install! We're in the beginning stages of that process right now as we say goodbye to the probing works of Daniel Leighton's Opening Up and welcome the works of Neil Matthiessen and Dallas native Patricia Rodriguez in their collaborative exhibition Colorimetry.

I wanted to get to kn ow Patricia and Neil before the show and then decided, why no share with our W.A.A.S. community? Below is my Q&A with Patricia.

What is your background as an artist?

For as long as I can remember I have felt compelled to draw and create. I went to Booker T. Washington High School (Arts Magnet, as the cool kids call it) and began my love affair with painting. I attended Mountain View College afterwards where my Painting and Design studies continued. After that Mother Nature was the great teacher and became a constant source of inspiration in my new works. About three years ago after a back injury I decided it was important for me to take my art seriously and I quit my non art related job and have been freelancing as a professional artist since.

What do you want your portion of the show to convey? And how will your work integrate with Neil’s?

I want my work to convey a sense of walking into the quiet moments of life. Of really stopping and LOOKING. I can get fairly wild with my color palette and subjects but still am no match when it comes to Mother Nature and being outside and discovering the wonder of life all around us. I'm hoping to integrate my work with Neil's by use of color and organic shapes, he uses a lot of wonderful flowing shapes that have also become my own personal language in my work. I think they will mesh nicely together.

Describe the ideal encounter a viewer would have with your work.

The ideal encounter is to approach the work just as a child would, when everything was new and bright and something as small as a ladybug could intrigue and delight you. We live in a busy world, crammed with things to get our attention and are often not in the moment and aware of our surroundings. I hope to get people to just stop, be in the moment and notice the little details and feel fully engaged with that very moment and experience. I'm hoping they can take that and carry that into all the other avenues of their daily lives.

Colorimetry is a scientific term to describe the extent of a human’s perception of color, how does this technical definition relate to the work’s you plan on contributing to the show?

My approach to color is a bit like a scientist in a lab. I think it's why I come up with the oddest color palettes. I want to know what this particular pale green looks like against this brown and what that all looks like against orange and if hot pink is thrown in there -what will happen? Not unlike mixing chemicals and I'm always surprised when it comes together instead of becoming a mess! It's interesting to see what colors people gravitate towards and shy away from. My work with color is very intuitive based though, I'm not looking at color schemes I know will go well together I want to create something wholly new and weird.

You’re from Dallas, is there anything special you love to do here?

I love to hike, DJ and check out all the new art that's constantly on view around me.

Other than We Are All Stars, what does W.A.A.S. stand for to you?

It stands for the inviting open door the weary artist has been looking for after knocking on so many locked doors. It's a lot like finding shelter in a storm and then realizing the proprietor will let you do whatever you desire with your room. Punk rock posters on the wall? Sure, why not!?

Finally, what do you want to specifically be included about your work and person?

My work is a means of meditation for me. Therefore each piece is never preconceived or sketched out. It is created moment by moment and new thought by new thought as each minute goes by. In this way a spontaneous and impulsive energy is created in the work. The subject matter is of Nature, which heals my spirit and the pains in my body. I feel so much better after spending some time outside and feel like I'm connecting with that child inside me that used to dig around looking for ant lions. I'm also highly driven by music and use that just as I use my paints in creating each work.


Be sure to come see Patricia's work in Colorimetry opening on July 11th.

And get a preview of her work here!