Just String It!

Lone star Tonee I don’t play guitar. Wait, I take that back. If there is a guitar in the room or in my general proximity, I will play it. The word “play” is a very loose interpretation of what I do with a guitar, it’s more like, I make noise. Good noise? Bad noise? It’s pretty objective. My nonexistent talents aside, there are many people that do play guitar, and play guitar quite well and that is what I want talk about today. As I mark my return to W.A.A.S. Gallery this summer I could not help but be surrounded by people with some sort of extraordinary talent. A step into the gallery unveils a wealth of beauty on which my eyes can feast. The works of Resident Artists litter our workspace, the works of Daniel Leighton currently hang on our walls, Drew Merritt's set of graffiti eyes pierce us at the end of our morning commutes. Visual talent is expected at an art gallery, else we'd be doing it wrong. A look around Deep Ellum would reveal a not so hidden population of tattoo-clad beings that are about as multi-talented as they come.

Enter, W.A.A.S. Gallery’s weekend event, Just String It! - an all day music/auditory extravaganza which allows the talent that seeps out of All Good, Murray’s and Serious Pizza an opportunity to play at our space, on our grounds, plugged in, out loud. Rock on? Yes. I have to admit I was weary of our white-walled temple being infiltrated by anything other than the whisper of art appreciation. But fear not, there is art and this is the beauty I realized in the planning of this event. Presented by Lone Star Tone (a Fort Worth custom guitar restoration company), Just String It! represents the cross-pollination of the music and art worlds. Sanded and shaped wooden guitar casings mark the beginning of each custom built Lone Star Tone guitar, and for our visitors this Saturday evening (June 8th), we have three. We cannot reveal the painted casings yet, but one is painted by W.A.A.S. Gallery's newest Associate Artist and Graphic Intern Karla Camarena, and another by Ross von Rosenberg. Trust me, they're beautiful. There will be a slew of performances later in the evening. We are particularly excited about, The Hollow Empire, a local band on the verge of breaking it big. Needless to say the prep-work here is keeping us all very busy, but the excitement and promise of another amazing night at W.A.A.S. is just what we need to make it there. We welcome all walks of life to our gallery this Saturday June 8th to participate and enjoy your own musical experience.

Don't forget! The background for this event is our current exhibition Opening Up, composed of the probing and colorful works of artist Daniel Leighton.