Cocktails and Spray Paint and Drew, Oh My!


This past Saturday was the day we had all been waiting for and working towards, Drew Merritt’s opening reception. Never before have I been so proud to represent W.A.A.S. Gallery in one of the busiest events I have ever worked. I say worked because well…we worked. Needless to say, our blood, sweat and tears went into planning this opening reception. Well…mostly sweat, we are in Texas after all.

The preparation for the show was normal, one would say. Hire a caterer, a bartender, and a fire dancer. Wait, what? You read that right. Leave it to the ingenious Brandy Michele Adams to personally know a hoola-hooping fire dancer by the stage name Sarah Spirals who performed flawlessly while Merritt tagged one of our exterior gallery walls. At this point in our planning we’re far from Kansas and Toto is braving the heat of a Texas night. Then, drinks were a must. I just turned 21 abroad, no big celebration or rite of passage there, but here? Off to show my ID for the first time when buying a keg. Go big or go home right? The players then began to assemble, one by one the night of the show. Music by Chaquis. Food by some hardcore caterers from the Glut Life, (who later admitted to my own mother…”We’ve never done this artsy thing. We like it.”). Snow cones in a plethora of flavors, mango was a personal favorite. And before you know it W.A.A.S. was living was Technicolor and invaded by our little munchkins. (We don’t think any of our patrons are munchkins, but it went with the theme.)

The show went off without a hitch. Though some people decided to come early and struck a serious panic in us as I jumped into my shoes and zipped up my skirt in a hurry. Those same people were here for one reason, to see the marvelous work of Drew Merritt. As I manned the sales table and spoke with our many guests, several were surprised to know that Drew was just a few steps away, outside, chatting with anyone that wanted to ask the artist a lingering question or welcome him to our own little Oz. I have to say, nothing makes you feel cooler than walking a friend over to this guy, surrounded by people and introducing them to “the artist.” Drew was no Wizard of Oz that night; he entertained his guests with a smile, no façade to be shown, just a simple hat and a clean pair of pants. His paint box and cell at his side, he did what he does best, paint. Yes, there were millions of pictures taken of socialites, some kids that tried to get more than their fair share out of the open bar, and a not so embarrassing personal dance party in front of a canvas, but we achieved what we set out to do in more ways than one.

Though we have already gotten wind a negative review (the cyber earrings did come off in some serious damage control and artist self defense), for the most part Facebook is flooded with positive reception and we’re happy to have been the platform for Drew’s exhibition. All I can say is, we’re open and running until August 31st. Follow the yellow brick road.