Installation...is hard

Growing up you see drills all the time. On TV, when dad's working on a project, and in my case, at W.A.A.S. Gallery. Installation means more than hanging things  and calling it a day. It also doesn't mean just hiring someone to hang things and call it a day. No days are called, people. Yesterday, we began installation of Drew Merritt's work. I say "we" because when the time came around, I found myself holding a drill and looking up at Brandy on a ladder. Yes, we were under male supervision. In fact, the amazing Taylor Jennings was our fearless leader, toting a toolbox with enough miniature pieces inside, it rivaled my bead collection from 1st grade.

Things got done, but not easily. How many gallery owners roll up their sleeves, climb up a ladder and hammer a nail into a wall, shattering so many norms and social standards of the white-walled contemporary gallery? Not many. Seeing Brandy (owner of W.A.A.S.) take the time to get her hands dirty and connect with the artist she represents was eye opening. As someone who reads just a fraction of the 200+ emails Brandy gets a day, she did not have the time to do half of the things she did yesterday. But she  made time to do the install work with Taylor and Drew herself, perfected it to W.A.A.S. standards and continued work on her next project. 

At the end of the day, we broke more than a sweat. But that's nothing some plaster and a paint over can't repair.