Joshua King: Goods and Services


Joshua King's opening night for his show at the WAAS Gallery, titled "Goods and Services," was welcomed with a tremendous turnout of Dallas art-lovers. From his two photography pieces to his many installations, each room was entered with a new degree of awe and amazement. From the many great animal moulds creatively displayed to intricately cut paper, this exhibit is unlike anything previously shown at the gallery, and the artwork is sure to sell quickly.

Pieces shown included small animal moulds, such as bears and deer, running up, down, and across a room, a burned wooden sign reading "MAKE" and a beautiful video of the burning to accompany it, a grid of identical fans filling a large room, mould casings of baby faces covering a floor, and even a giant room made to make it feel as if you are in a cloud.

Joshua King brings a sense of beauty into the simplicity of everyday objects, such as screws, knives, and telephones. He works with the idea of color as emphasis, bringing often-pale tints to otherwise-white pieces. Josh has not only exhibited at a large variety of showings across Texas, but he has also organized a number of art shows and events in the past few years. With a fresh take on minimalism, Joshua King is a fine addition to WAAS.