On January the nineteenth, the W.A.A.S. Gallery officially opened with a groundbreaking show from Kevin Lewis Fougerousse. Kevin’s mixed-media works were hung all around the gallery, with the last room imitating the inspired artist’s studio, where he painted live and on display for the viewers, taking breaks only for drinks and for questions that he was pleased to answer. We were given the rare and privileged opportunity to watch the artist at work, and to see the process about which we have all wondered. Kevin’s work portrays a perfect balance between the lifelike and the abstract, bringing a sense of innocence into his often-darker subject matter. What we see from this artist is a glimpse of truth and perspective, carried in impressionistic color and distant tangibility. Each work evokes not only tender thought, but also thriving emotion that could only be contained by Kevin’s canvases. Passion is ever-present in his images, beckoning the viewer to take not only a second look, but a pensive stare into the brilliant mind of Kevin Lewis Fougerousse.