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Local Artist: Baohien Ngo

Baohien Ngo is a young photographer who works primarily in fashion. Her work has a very chic, vintage sense, as if each photograph is a captured moment from the past. Her use of colour and light are magnificent, sometimes using unorthodox settings to create a more than beautiful image. "My shoots are typically balanced between spontaneity and planning. I do some planning but I try not to think about it too much because I love spontaneity. If I'm working with a makeup artist, hair stylist, or wardrobe stylist, then I usually have to let them know ahead of time what kind of looks I'm going for, so I'll send them mood boards and plan the type of style I'm looking for. I'll decide on a meeting location or first location for shooting beforehand, but normally I'll come up with second or third locations on the spot and I never plan out specific shots," says Baohien, when asked about her process before shooting. Photo by Baohien Ngo

Her photographs are very cinematic, often seeming like a frozen still from a stunning film that I would gladly pay money to see. Despite her maturity, there is something very childlike and innocent about her work, drawing us in with the subtle reminder of our earlier years. From the bright blue waters to the vividly green weeds, she is never afraid to embrace a light clarity and reality in her images. " I always aim to portray youth and different aspects of it including loneliness, friendship, and spontaneity," she says. It is as if we are watching her life through an opened window, and these are the moments that we remember.

Photo by Baohien Ngo

Her landscapes are easily just as captivating than those seen in National Geographic, if not even more remarkable. Each looks as if it should be mounted in a wooden frame and hung in a lavish house to be marvelled at each day. Baohien has been published in numerous magazines, even photographing for Vantage Point Vintage's website.

"I didn't make an outright decision to pursue photography, but I just decided to experiment. It was out of boredom more than anything else," she says. "Before I picked up photography, I was into drawing and painting but sometimes I'd get frustrated if I worked on the same piece for a certain amount of time, and with photography, aside from the initial planning, I only have to click the shutter. Also, photography is real. With drawing, painting, or sculpting, for example, the work is purely derived from the artist's imagination, but with photography, you're capturing something that's already real and existing in its purest form."

I can only imagine what this teenage visionary has left to discover, and to share with us.

Photo by Baohien Ngo

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