Local Artist: Lauren Withrow

If you have ever looked through a Wallflower model's portfolio or stepped into Factory Girl in Dallas, you've undoubtedly seen Lauren Withrow's photography. Through every different series or experimental change in her work, there is always something about the quality or the story that immediately tells you that what you are viewing was created by Lauren. With numerous publishings in magazines and national recognition, it is hard to believe that this girl is only eighteen years old.

"Photography came out of a great need for me to express my thoughts in a way that I hoped others could understand," says Lauren. "For me, expressing my thoughts and ideas were always a struggle, and never completely formed in spoken words. It was always lacking something, and this frustrated me to a point where I shut everything inside of me and never let it out. This, in turn, only increased my frustration and I knew I had to get it out somehow. Then one day, I picked up my father's camera and from day one I knew that I was meant to express myself through images due to how this immense feeling of completeness washed over me when I snapped that first photograph. It was incredible and I knew that it was only the beginning of something crazy and incredible." And incredible does not even begin to describe Lauren's body of work.

Lauren's series work always tells a story that each viewer is able to personalise and, in a way, follow the characters in a fashion unique to only them. There is nothing superficial or simple about it, which sets her apart from many other photographers. Her work is that a creative young mind, and with each new group of photographs that we see from her, there is a tremendous amount of growth. Anything but stagnant, she is always improving, always learning in her craft at a pace that I cannot even begin to understand.

 Lauren Withrow's website