b. Southwestern Pennsylvania

Duquesne University

Recent exhibitions:

WAAS Gallerya
Dallas Tx.

NRG Studio
North Hollywood Ca.

Ojai Juried Art Festival
Ojai, Ca

Linespace Gallery
Culver City, Ca

Xanadu Galery
Scottsdale, Az

Adagio Gallery
Palm Desert, Ca


My work is inspired by forms found in nature and the resonance of those forms within me to express feeling, emotion and meaning.  When I work in stone I work directly on the stone in an effort to discover and connect with the immanent “spirit” that inhabits it.  I then strive to give expression to this connection through the language of line, volume and space.  This is a transfigurative interface between imagination and the natural world, between the spirit and the desire to experience the ineffable mystery of life.  The organic forms result in a tactile and sensuous sensibility and I invite people to touch the work, to run their hands over it and to share in my experience of the energy inherent in the stone.