An exhibition of new work
by Ross von Rosenberg & Karla Camarena

March 8th–March 29th, 2014

WAAS Gallery invites you to come ALIVE! What constitutes life is a centuries old debate, but what can be agreed upon is that life exists in the paradoxical realm of ecstasy and anguish. What gets the heart moving varies from person to person, but commonality lies in the fact that we all feel. We all can pinpoint the moments that take our breath away, make us stop in our tracks, and stir passions within us. These are the moments that remind us of our very humanity, mortality and inspire us to do more than just exist. Artists, Ross von Rosenberg and Karla Camarena come together in ALIVE, opening March 8th featuring their individual bodies of work. 

Meet the artists: 

Ross Von Rosenberg takes us on a simultaneous journey of self-reflection and spiritual searching that only he could lead. His heart carried him to the majestical Icelandic terrain. In Ross’ own words, “I spent the next six days immersed in a countryside that was a mix of black beaches, plush green hills cut by creeping glaciers and waterfalls, natural springs, and treeless plains.” While there, Ross was quickly inspired by not only his obviously enchanting surroundings, but also by the cultural mythology that helps transform an already otherworldly place into a rare and truly magical one. 

Karla Camarena lends self-exposing insight into finding light in the darker days of life. She draws on her optimistic soul to paint through her emotions and illuminate life. As Karla would say, “Fashion, music, medicine and psychology have been major motivators in my world view. The four rarely converge on the same platform, except for this collection of my work which explores both my motivations and the motivations of people who have been paramount in the culture I live in.” Fueled by external inspiration, Karla shows us that what seems to be simply a beautiful piece of art, can actually serve as the starting point to discuss life with mental illness as well as other issues pressing to modern American culture. 

Come ALIVE with us, March 8th 2014!