A little about Us...

WAAS is a studio collective designed to support the exemplary artists who create to communicate social and environmental needs, connect their communities with global perspectives, and lead the conversation in healing and health.

Curated through the lens of transformation, WAAS is furthering its identity and its latest project Women Are All Stars: a home to healing women artists redefining their identities, collectively growing from past experiences, and learning how to co-create. Like Founder Brandy Michele Adams, who is personally dedicated to self-sustainment, WAAS is exploring the Art of Well-Being through a diverse curriculum to support artist’s professional-creative careers and personal development, through workshops, project-based studio space, and educational forums.

For the past six years WAAS has continued to grow as a national brand known for hosting world-renown artists actively creating progress, from L.A. to Dallas. Now, the gallery is advancing the conversation from the heart of the art to include the artist, as it houses women who view their own lives as an art form and are dedicated to co-collaborating in caring for the community. WAAS believes this approach empowers artists to define their impact on others through the impact they first have on themselves.
WAAS aims to help their Artists grow mentally, emotionally, and physically as much as economically. We believe sustainability is achieved through the bottom line practice of focusing on the planet, people, and profit equally. WAAS is cultivating the health of humanity through individual development, convening artists with empowerment to open conversations in the community on the social and creative narrative that defines the importance of healing collectively in a female-centric environment.

About the Founder:


Brandy Michele Adams has been consistently cultivating this manifestation, and last exhibition, of WAAS since she first launched the gallery in 2011. A longtime lover of the arts who launched her career as a hair and makeup artist in L.A., and has since curated galleries and managed socially-active and impactful artists across the country, Adams made the decision to bring WAAS into its final and permanent rendition of Women Are All Stars as she shifts the focus of the gallery to become an educational hub to support the wellbeing of female artists.

After a year of intentional re-development and co-collaboration with several leading women in wellness, Adams has prepared a curriculum and space to help women heal. Standing on the pillars of co-collaboration, wellness, creativity, and openness, Adams is leading the conversation of an integrated approach to health as the root for creativity.